DMW Firmenphilosophie
DMW Firmenphilosopie

DMW – Philosophy

DMW – From Consultant to Mentor

Other than extensive expert knowledge, successful insurance management and risk management depend primarily on two factors. The interdisciplinary cooperation and complementation of fields as diverse as specialist lawyers, business economists, insurance specialists and insurance brokers require the development of a common language that is as solution-oriented as it is case- and situation-based.

Managing the complexity of the market on one hand and of the extremely varied risk situation within the company or group on the other means that systemic and statistical analysis tools must be mastered, such as translating key conclusions into information that is easy for the customer to understand and use as a basis for making decisions. Excellent work and absolute reliability mean that trust can be formed over time, intensifying and speeding up truly efficient work.

With these challenges and constantly changing variables, insurance and risk management loses its reputation as a dry and statistically-minded discipline. Digitisation and innovation, experience and transparency, expert knowledge and, in particular, independence form the foundations for successful teamwork for the customer.

In the field of tension of such a varied as well as responsible and challenging activity, a high standard develops, with which, despite all sobriety, the advantage and the security of the customer are the focus of a great readiness for action. In the course of this work, a great respect for all involved inevitably develops, which is reflected not least in a supporting framework of shared values and successful communication at eye level.